For the second consecutive year, TNKR has been asked to help North Korean refugee youngsters get prepared for an English speech contest.

We would like to get started by October 15, so if you are available and interested to help NK refugee youngsters between October 15 to November 2, leading up to the contest on November 3, then please be ready to apply when we post the application form very soon.

I will be returning as one of the judges, and coaches will also be invited to attend the contest. It is always a great time, with parents and friends joining the contest as attendees.

For those of you familiar with TNKR’s process, we will be using the same process. We plan on holding at least one orientation session before the refugee adolescents will be choose their coaches and we may conduct at least one orientation session online.

To be eligible:
1) Fill out the application.

Submit a properly formatted resume, ARC card or passport copy, and a signed waiver.

2) Have an initial phone call with TNKR co-founder Casey Lartigue. 02-6929-0942

3) You may be invited to a second phone call or online orientation to be held on Thursday and/or Friday.

NOTE: First preference will be given to TNKR members/volunteers.


Create a Resume

This resume will be presented to the refugees. Please read this closely and follow for your resume to be accepted.

Resume Formatting Guidelines:
* One-page maximum
* Word document format (PDFs are NOT accepted)
* Copy and paste the resume template (see template below)
* 12-point type for main text, 14-point for your name
* Photo (optional)
* No fancy formatting

Rename file as:
Speech Contest, November 3 Resume: “(Track 1)Resume_FirstName_LastName“

Be aware that this resume is for refugees to review, so make your pitch to them!

Resume Template (Copy & Paste):
Speech contest Resume
(photo, but not required)

1) Name: (Use the name you would like to be referred to by the refugees.)
2) Nationality:
3) Availability for tutoring:
Location and Distance: (Starting location, and please indicate how far you are willing to travel from that point. Example: Seoul Station, Lines 1 & 4, 30 minutes
Days and Times: (Example: Monday -Friday, 5 pm to 8 pm)
4) Two preferred teaching/coaching skills: (Example skills: Speech, presentation skills, essay writing, etc.)
5) Education background (mention current or latest school):
6) Employment (mention two jobs, at most):
7) One-paragraph introduction about yourself and why you want to join TNKR:
8) Contact Info: mobile number in Korea, Kakao ID, e-mail address (Note: This information will not be given to the refugees.)
Step 3. Submit Application Items

E-mail the following items to TNKR co-founder Casey Lartigue ( and TNKR Academic Coordinator Janice Kim (
* Formatted Resume
* ARC, Passport, or State-Level ID (scan or photo)
* TNKR waiver (scan or photo)
* Recommended free scanning apps: CamScanner, Tiny Scanner

To expedite your application:
Add Casey (“Y2KC“) and Janice (“jank123“) on Kakao Messenger, then send a message: “Hello, my name is ( ), I am an applicant with TNKR hoping to be a speech coach.”

P.S.: First preference is given to TNKR members: . Contact TNKR co-founder Casey Lartigue with questions,

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