TNKR will be hosting a birthday for Hwang In-Cheol tonight!

1) Step by step photos from Noksapeong subway to the Hidden Cellar’s doorstep.
2) Video directions that Peter Daley made a few years ago for a different TNKR event.

We will be gathering at the Hidden Cellar for music, drinks, and a few speeches.

* Amber Yothers and Youngmin Kwon are handling the logistics.

* Jackie Cole has designed flyers at TNKR’s Instagram account.

* Josefine Johansen and Youngmin designed the banner.

* Peter Daley will be performing live music during the party.

Will you join us? Would you like to volunteer as part of Team Hwang? Contact Youngmin Kwon, project manager of the Bring My Father Home campaign!

Can’t make it, but would still like to support the night? Send in a donation via one of the three fundraisers set up by TNKR staff and volunteers.

Send his father home, (Casey Lartigue Jr.)

Celebrate the father’s birthday bash (Andrew William Brand)

Birthday Fundraiser Bring My Father Home (Youngmin Kwon)–birthday



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