* Yesterday I was one of the judges at an English Speech Contest for North Korean refugee youngsters hosted by the Hana Foundation. 11 TNKR volunteers helped with the preparation of the contest by coaching refugees. We were joined yesterday by other TNKR volunteers, donors and fundraisers.

* A few subway stops away, TNKR was managing another session of a Leadership Workshop for South Korean natives and North Korean refugees. With the TNKR co-directors busy, Youngmin Kwon was TNKR’s representative. The participants are getting prepared for a trip to Germany, again hosted by the Hana Foundation.

* TNKR co-founder Eunkoo Lee has been in the USA the last few weeks, at the invitation of the US State Department. In addition to learning a lot about American history, and learning that I haven’t been lying to her, she met with TNKR Super Crazy Love Us All the Time Eben Appleton, Charlie Appleton and Pam Davidson in South Carolina.

* TNKR Ambassador Eunsun Kim spoke at the TNKR office on October 6, quotes from her speech and interview were quoted at length this morning by NBC News.com

* TNKR volunteer Eden Yeon was quoted by Radio Free Asia for an event she participated in the UK with @Connect Korea.

Three years ago when TNKR began growing beyond my desk at Freedom Factory, one of the volunteers politely suggested that I should not and that it would be possible for me to be involved in every aspect of TNKR. And then there are the usual Internet smart-alecks concerned that I’m in every photo.

I told her (as well as the smart-alecks) not to worry. TNKR was still small enough that I could be involved in every activity. If TNKR really did grow, that the day would come that I would be begging people to stop bothering me with every message. That day hasn’t come, but we are getting closer!

TNKR is growing, partnerships with more organizations around the world. We are getting busy enough that I can’t be at every activity or in every photo. Thanks so much to TNKR donors, fundraisers and volunteers who have helped us grow.

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