TNKR’s SOCIAL MEDIA, as of 2018-11-11


184 fundraisers set up
9 set up by NK refugees


Facebook group: 5,086 members
Facebook page/ 2,786 likes
North Korean–Information and Action 961 members
Bring My Father Home 378 likes
TNKR in Korean 185 members
북한이탈주민 글로벌 교육센터 (Teach North Korean Refugees Global Education Center)
Casey Lartigue Jr. 4956 friends

TNKR, 256 subscribers
Casey Lartigue 285 subscribers

TNKR 753 followers, 381 likes
Casey Lartigue 918 followers 354 likes

Casey Lartigue 967 followers
TNKR 549 followers

*****EMAIL LIST*****
1,419 subscribers

Casey Lartigue page 1,560 connections

TNKR 93 members

TNKR on Naver

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