TNKR wrapped up 2018 with several planning meetings getting ready for 2019.

Track 1: TNKR co-founders Casey Lartigue and Eunkoo Lee met with Academic Coordinator Janice Kim to consider upgrades and changes to the way we run that project. I am even in favor of changing the name.

Track 2: I have had a few meetings with Jennifer Bowman as she studies how we run things and she takes on a larger role.

Volunteer Leadership Academy: I have met with Karleta Peterson a few times to discuss how we should handle this project during 2019. I announced this initiative last year, hoping and waiting for someone to take it over.

Bring My Father Home Campaign: We had a planning meeting with Karleta, Jennifer, Youngmin Kwon (Project Manager of the Campaign) and Hwang In-Cheol to discuss this campaign. This is the fifth anniversary of the airplane hijacking, we hope to get more attention for Mr. Hwang’s campaign this year.

Eunkoo and Anna Tsoi met to discuss one of the external projects that TNKR facilitates.

We will be holding several orientation sessions to start the new year, check out our event listings.

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