Students from the TNKR Student Club at the Asia Pacific International School recently visited the TNKR office. They will be holding activities raising awareness, fundraising, and also volunteering in a special TNKR project.

To get things done, there often needs to be at least one person to make something happen. Even when there is a good idea, if there isn’t at least one person committed to making things happen, then the idea may die a quiet death. That’s one reason when I’m in meetings that I don’t allow people to say that an unnamed “someone” needs to get something done. I’ve learned that “somebody” becomes “nobody” when it is time to get work done.

That somebody at APIS is Clara Park, the founding president of the TNKR Club at APIS. I have been speaking at APIS and other international schools since 2013, but she is the first student to take up my challenge to get more deeply involved with TNKR.

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