Hwang In-Cheol was the featured speaker at a National Assembly panel discussion on February 14 about the 1969 hijacking of a South Korean airplane to North Korea.

On February 14, 1970, North Korea returned 39 people, but kept 11, including Hwang-won, the father of Hwang In-Cheol.

On Thursday, 49 years later, several South Korean Congressmen issued strong statements in support of Hwang In-Cheol and demanded that the South Korean president do more to help with resolving this case.

I was one of the other speakers at the panel discussion. Behind-the-scenes, Youngmin Kwon was the coordinator dealing with multiple issues and also translated on Thursday.

Here’s the news coverage so far.

News articles

Photos posted on blogs and by news outlets

Photos taken by Team Hwang members.

Support Mr. Hwang’s campaign: https://give.lovetnkr.com/en/KAL1969

Amnesty International petition:



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