The last two days I’ve been at an exclusive, invitation-only business conference. The big investment and financial companies were there, doing those things that business people do. So I anticipated being a fish out of water most of the time, the pathetic NGO leader hoping one of those business tycoons would take notice of our little organization.

At registration, I was greeted by two of my former students! I taught public speaking for the last three semesters at a graduate school, I was delighted to see them.

Later, over lunch, the lady who sat next to me along with her colleague suddenly asked if I was connected to North Korean refugees. It was like a fish had jumped onto her boat! She apologized for being so excited, it had been such a long time since she has been involved in activism, she is now in the world of money.

It turns out that she helped start one of the student organizations focused on North Korea at a university in Washington, DC. She wants to join our mailing list, she said it reminded her of her college days and that she would like to get involved again.

Then …. a TNKR volunteer! Yes, and not only that, but one of her colleagues who donated to her fundraiser for us was there. They were all saying it was a coincidence, but of course I disagree with that! But I digress.

I had a great time and learned some things that I will try to apply to TNKR.

Over dinner, the business people enjoyed learning about TNKR, some even expressed admiration for us. As a few told me, “You are making a real difference in the world, helping people directly. In comparison, we are just making money.”

I reminded them that making money is a great thing, and that we could use some of it too.

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