Jang Jin-sung, author of the book “Dear Leader,” will be delivering Welcoming Remarks at TNKR’s 9th English Speech Contest. When he was in North Korea, Mr. Jang was a Psychological Warfare Officer spreading propaganda within North Korea. He founded New Focus International and has advised numerous governments around the world about North Korea.

He is a TNKR fan who has spoken at events, published an interview with TNKR and also been interviewed by us, visited our office numerous times, and is also a member of TNKR’s Book Club.

TNKR Global Leadership Forum, June 2017

TNKR Donor Appreciation Night featuring Jang Jin-sung plus Kang Cheol-hwan, (summary by Michael Downey) June 2018

[INTERVIEW] Don’t be duped by double-faced North Korea October 2018

I interviewed Mr. Jang for my Korea Times blog “Voices from the North.” You can read his comments here.

Other visits to the TNKR office

July 2016 , March 2017, April 2017, December 2017,

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