Thank you again for registering for TNKR’s 9th English Speech Contest, taking place at the Shin and Kim Law Office on February 23 from 2 pm to about 5 pm.

Our registration desk will be at B1 of the building. We encourage you to print your ticket or have it readily available on your mobile device to present upon registration at the contest.


Date: February 23, 2019
Time:  2:00-5:00 pm.

Location: Shin and Kim Law Office | 서울 종로구 종로3길 17 D Tower (23rd floor) | Seoul

Check here for details about the contest.

Step-by-step video directions from the Gwanghwamun subway (line 5, exit 4) to the Shin and Kim Law Office.


The speech contest is scheduled to start at 2 pm. Our volunteer team will start arriving from 12:20 pm, doors will be open to the public from 1:00. If you arrive early, please ignore the activity or join in to help!

We advise attendees to arrive from around 1:30 pm so we can process registration smoothly. We anticipate having at least 100 attendees, so we hope to avoid a traffic jam at the registration desk if many attendees arrive at 1:50 p.m. fumbling around for their confirmation email, then all trying to squeeze on the elevator to get up to the contest.


Thanks to those of you who will be bringing a guest with you. To properly process registration, send the name and email of the guest so I can generate a separate ticket for each guest. The registration team has been directed to check the ID of everyone who attends the contest.


Please join us in helping the speakers to feel comfortable, it isn’t easy for some of them to speak out publicly about sensitive topics. So, as a reminder:

  • Privacy: No recordings (video or audio) or photographs except by approved media and TNKR staff. Even then, a few of the contestants will speak on the condition that there will be no photographs or recordings, so we will clearly announce which speakers don’t want to be recorded or photographed at all by media.
  • Off-the-record: Several of the speakers will be discussing sensitive aspects of their stories that they have never discussed publicly. Therefore, several of them have also asked attendees not to write blog posts or articles about what they hear. So it will be a truly special event for those in attendance.
  • Contact info: Don’t ask the speakers for their contact information. You can meet them–by becoming a volunteer with TNKR or working with us to arrange future speech opportunities. Some people have ignored us at previous contests and events. We occasionally have pro-North Korea sympathizers join our events, and we don’t want the comfort of this contest to lull refugees into sharing their personal information with others.
  • 100% ID check: Don’t forget to bring your ID with you. Even if my own relatives show up to the event without state-level ID, I have instructed staff to turn them away. This is very serious. If you don’t show ID matching the name you registered under, you won’t be allowed in. Walk-ins also need to show an ID that matches the name they registered with. If you need to change the name you have registered with, no problem, just message me at CJL(@) .
  • Not an open forum: Some of the speakers are experiencing last-minute stress and anxiety. Some of them can’t wait to finish speaking.


  • Venue: Here’s an easy to follow, step-by-step directions.
    Step-by-step video from the Gwanghwamun subway (line 5, exit 4) to the Shin and Kim Law Office.
  • Check-in at reception at B1, whiz through registration with your ID and confirmation email, then they will direct you to the 23rd floor. Security is tight, do not attempt to get to the 23rd floor without them letting you through the turnstiles.
  • To expedite registration: Be sure to bring a print out of your ticket or have it ready on your favorite mobile device that you will turn off and hide during the event. Be ready to show an ID matching the name.
  • First-come, first seated: We can hold seats until 1:50 pm for those who registered and paid in advance, but after that, we will open up all seats to everyone present. We plan to start promptly at 2 pm, our volunteer team will be arriving from 12:20 pm to have things set up.
  • Mystery payment: One person sent a payment, but with no name. So if you can let us know the time you sent the donation or verify your payment in some other way, then we can add your name to the registration list.
  • Wrapping up: We plan to finish the contest by 5:00 pm. We would like to take a group photo, so please stick around for that so we can show how many people were in the room (the refugees will hide their faces then).
  • Raffle! After the contest has finished, we will then hold the raffle! It is the biggest in our history, thanks to BSRabbit for donating so many items. Several of our volunteers also donated items.
  • Following-up: After previous contests, we have had some volunteers who wanted to join. Check this link, get involved as a tutor or volunteer or join our International Volunteer Leadership Academy.
  • Payment for this contest: Yes, TNKR fundraisers can credit the money they paid for this contest to their fundraisers. Message me to remind me. CJL(@)


Yes, it is available. Please send your license plate number in advance, .


If there are any updates then they will be posted on this page and we will send out an email for anything really important.


Casey Lartigue Jr.

International Director, Teach North Korean Refugees

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