You Can’t Change the World” (TEDx Talk) by Casey Lartigue Jr and Eunkoo Lee
Finnish by Jasmin Fosse
Russian by Meruyert Didar
–Turkish by Meruyert Didar (coming soon)

* Le Quotidien, “À la recherche de l’otage oublié,” by Guillaume Piedboeuf, 2018-01-06. (French) (English translation edited by Peter Daley and Youngmin Kwon).

ZDF Television, 2018-01-10 (translated by Karin Hanna)

From Hwang Solo to Team Hwang (The Korea Times, 2016-06-30)
English by Casey Lartigue, French translation by Elodie Thiriez, Spanish translation by Lucia Filinich, Korean translation by Lee Soo-hyun,