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Teach North Korean Refugees
Media Archive (as of 2016-11-04)

1) TV/podcasts

* Little Big Heroes, “TNKR helping North Korean Refugees,” 2016-09-12 & 2016-09-18.

Harvard University Symposium
* “2015 Innovation Symposium at Harvard University,” 2015-05-24. (Cambridge, MA)

* News, “Refugees studying English,” 2016-08-08.
* Donation program, [통일로미래로] “탈북 청년들 언어 장벽을 넘어라,” 2016-02-20.
* 남북의창, [통일로미래로] “탈북 청년들 언어 장벽을 넘어라,” 2015-08-29.

Al Jazeera TV
* “North Korean Defectors Learn English to Communicate,” 2015-05-03.

* [대전MBC뉴스]한국 정착, 영어로 돕는다, 2015-04-17.

North Korea Today, featuring Casey and Yeonmi
* “Dream jobs for women?” 2014-12-23.
* “North Korean Food,” 2014-10-21.
* “Hong Kong Special,” 2014-09-24. (Hong Kong)
* “Hackathon For North Korea,” 2014-09-04.
* “Kkotjebi in Bloom,” 2014-08-18.
* “Tourism to North Korea,” 2014-08-05.

Casey Lartigue Show with Yeonmi Park
* “North Koreans adjusting & re-defecting,” 2014-05-23.
* “Bring Your Own Beer Bottles,” 2014-05-07.
* “2+2=Kill Americans,” 2014-04-25
* “Juche dies, markets rise,” 2014-03-24.

CSR Film Festival
* 2016대한민국CSR필름페스티벌-북한이탈주민 글로벌 교육센타(TNKR), 2016-10-19.
* 2015 History of Teach North Korean Refugees, 2015-04-16.

Kent Kim Show
* 100 Times Brave, “Storming the Bastille,” 2016-06-28.

* “#BringMyFatherHome,” 2016-06-17.
* “What Freedom Means to Me,” 2015-08-22.

* “Economic Freedom in Action, Changing Lives,” Summer 2014.

Arirang TV
* “Peninsula Inside Ep9 English Programs for North Korean Defectors 탈북민 영어교육 지원 프로그램,” 2015-06-04.

* “English Matching for North Korean refugees, 2013-12-26 (excerpt)
* [다큐] “친구가 되어주세요 1부. 탈북미녀 찬양 씨 세상을 향해 날아오르다!” 2013-12-16.

Radio Free Chosun
* 꽃미남 KC (Pretty Flower Man), 2016-05-15. (YouTube)

Viu TV Hong Kong
* Introducing TNKR, 2016-05-06. (Hong Kong)

Liberty in North Korea
* “Summit Speaker — Yeonmi Park,” 2014-04-16.

2) Newspapers

동아 일보
* “새터민에게 무료 영어 가르치는 하버드大 출신 미국인,” 2016-09-26.
* ‘세계 100대 여성’에 뽑히고 英의회에서 연설한 탈북 여대생 박연미, 2014-10-31.

* “탈북민들 영어 능력 키워 꿈 이룰수 있도록 도와야죠” 2016-08-05.

연합뉴스 Yonhap
* “탈북자에 무료 영어강의 주선 미국인 라티그씨,” by 이봉석, 2015-11-01.

* “Son crusades to meet father hijacked to North,” by Lee Sung-eun, 2016-07-04.
* “탈북자에 무료로 영어 가르치는 외국인 모임,” 2015-03-11.
* “Project helps defectors adjust to a new society,” Lee Sung-eun, 2015-03-30.

SR Wire
* [인터뷰] “탈북자에 기회를” 케이시 라티그, 2014-10-15.

Daily Mail
* EXCLUSIVE: Woman, 23, reveals how she trekked for two months across mountains and crocodile-infested river to flee North Korea after being forced to work for 15 hours a day down a coal mine for 50p a day by John Power 2015-05-22.

The Washington Post
* “The hopes of North Korea’s ‘Black Market Generation,’” Yeon-mi Park, 2014-05-26.

* 알파벳만 알던 탈북형제, 영어로 강연, 배준영, 2016-06-20
* 탈북자들 “외래어·줄임말 몰라 말이 안 통해요, 2015-01-17.
* “’세계 100대 여성’에 뽑히고 英의회에서 연설한 탈북 여대생 박연미는 누구?” 2014-10-31.

United Press International (UPI)
* “New programs help defectors from North Korea adjust, shed stigma,” Elizabeth Shim, 2016-06-21.

Daily NK

*”‘인권 불빛 밝혀라’…납북자 송환 염원 촛불행사 열려” 김성환, 2016-12-11

* “세계 강제실종 희생자날 울려퍼진 ‘납북자 송환’ 목소리,” Kim Sung-Hwan, 2016-08-31.
* “’오슬로 자유포럼’서 탈북자 출신 2명 연사로 나서,” Koo Junhee, 2014-09-03.
* “1000 Visit NKHR Kkotjebi Exhibition,” Nam Hee-joo, 2014-08-13.
* “OTV Launches English Language Program on NK,” Koo Jun Hoe, 2014-08-06.
* “北어린이들 삶 다룬 전시회 ‘꽃제비 날다’ 내달 열려,” Koo Junhee, 2014-07-22.

The Korea Times
* “Charity concert to raise fund for NK defectors” by John Redmond 2016-12-13.
* “A Loyal Son’s Lonely Crusade,” by Donald Kirk 2016-09-01.
* “N. Korea refugees talk about new life,” by John Redmond 2016-08-21.
* “’I want my father back’” by Oh Young Jin, 2016-08-19.
* “Civic group for NK defectors to host open house session” by John Redmond, 2016-08-09.
* “Teach NK Refugee volunteers will hold orientation session by John Redmond, 2016-06-28.
* “Young N. Koreans dream of life in South by 전지혜, 2016-05-26.
* “’We (Koreans) are racists’ by Oh Young-jin, 2016-05-03.
* “N. Korean defector group welcomes volunteers” by John Redmond, 2016-04-12.
* “On the Brouhaha Over Defectors’ Memoirs,” John Cussen, 2016-03-18.
* “N. Korea refugee group to open education center” by John Redmond, 2016-02-16.
* “NK refugee group welcomes volunteers” by John Redmond, 2016-01-19.
* “Expat offers free tutoring to NK defectors,” Kim Hyo-jin, 2015-11-04.
* “North Korean defector speaks out for freedom” by John Redmond, 2015-08-25.
* “English speech contest invites N.Korean defectors” by John Redmond, 2015-08-18.
* “Defectors call for better awareness on their plight,” by John Redmond, 2015-03-03.
* “English speech contest set for NK refugees” by John Redmond, 2015-02-24.
* “Defector says ‘black market generation’ will change North Korea” by Kim Young-jin 2014-05-28.

Korea Times roundtable
* “Enforced Disappearances,” 2016-08-11.
* “Race in Korea,” 2016-04-28.

The Korea Herald
* “North Korean refugees to share their stories at joint panel event,” 2016-07-27.
* “TNKR helps open doors for N.K. refugees,” by Zoe Samios, 2016-02-17.
* “Rights group puts North Korean art on display,” 2014-07-29.

Nubian Drifter
* “Casey Lartigue: An Advocate for Freedom,” by Sean 2014-08-06.

Osan Air Force Base
* “North Korean refugees share journey with Osan Airmen,” Jonathan Steffen, 2016-04-12.

The Guardian
* ‘Watching Titanic made me realise something was wrong in my country,’ says North Korean defector, Nathan Thompson, 2014-08-26.

Global Post
* “North Koreans are all ears to foreign radio stations,” by Nathan Thompson, 2015-09-24.
* “Is it cool to visit North Korea as a tourist?,” by Nathan Thompson, 2014-08-30.

World Herald Tribune
* “A Loyal Son’s Lonely Crusade” by Donald Kirk, 2016-09-01.

NK News
* “RIP, KIC, Koreans shouldn’t miss you,” by John Lee, 2016-02-12.
* “How N. Korean defectors define ‘freedom,’” by Peter Moody, 2015-09-18.
* “Scholte falls short in Congressional bid,” 2014-11-05.
* “North Korean Rights Activist Wins Congressional Primary,” 2014-04-05
* “Activists praise COI report, look to next step on human rights,” 2014-02-18.
* “Western tourism on the rise, says N. Korea,” 2013-04-28. Original NK News link.
* On Expertise and Ethics: Tourism in North Korea, 2013-03-15. Financial Times.
* “Is Tourism in North Korea Really Booming? If tourism is growing, should it be encouraged?” 2013-02-21.

Yale Daily
* “The Information Gap,” 2015-11-16.

The Journal of Turkish Weekly
* NKorea Asks Seoul to facilitate family escapee meeting by Alex Jensen, 2016-04-21.

The Tongil Shinmun
* “탈북민 돕기 위한 국제자원봉사자 워크숍,” 2016-03-18.

Anadolu Agency
* “SKorea says regrets North’s ‘political’ use of defector” by Alex Jensen, 2016-01-20.

CNN iReport
* “Yeon-Mi Park—An Inside Look at One of the BBC’s Top 100 Women,” Rebecca Imre, 2015-06-15.

* “Yeon-Mi Park Selected as One of BBC’s Top 100 Women,” 2015-06-15.

3) Radio/Podcasts
Voice of America
* “미국인 설립 단체, 한국 내 탈북자 무료 영어교육 제공,” 2015-12-01. “American co-founder provides free English education for North Korean refugees.” (article in Korean), (broadcast MP3), (English translation).

Unification Media Group
* #신지은의 “통일공감 11회 케이시 라티그 (TNKR 창립자)”, (Shin Jieun interviews TNKR Co-Founder Casey Lartigue), 2015-10-23.

* NK Now, Outsider’s View on Tensions Over Loudspeakers, 2015-08-29

Radio Free Asia
* “47년전 KAL기 납북 피해자 송환 촉구,” 양희정, 2016-06-15.
* “내년 서울서 제3회 탈북자 웅변대회,” 양희정, 2015-12-29. “The 3rd TNKR English Speech Contest to be held in Seoul.” (article in Korean), (broadcast MP3) (English translation)
* “내년 서울서 첫 탈북자 영어 웅변대회,” 양희정, 2014-12-31.
* “케이시 라티그 물망초학교 국제자문,” 전수일, 2014-08-25.
* “‘북한 관광’ 찬반 논란 일어”, 정아름, 2014-08-08.
* 탈북 젊은이, TED 북 인권 강연 늘어, 양희정, 2014-07-24
* “인터넷 TV 진행자 탈북 여대생 박연미,” 전수일, 2014-06-30.
* 캐나다서 탈북자 영어교육 지원 행사, 양희정, 2015-06-05

Radio Free Chosun
* “꽃미남 KC,” 2014-06-04.

* “Casey Lartigue, This Morning’s Person,” Featured Guest, 2016-10-14.
* “Korean Reunification at the Dinner Table,” 2016-08-22.
* TBS eFM 101.3, “Christmas parties,” Radio Guest, 2013-12-25.
* TBS eFM, “This Morning” interview about “Road to Life Rally,” 2013-05-01.
* North Korean refugees in South Korea, Radio Guest, 2013-01-01.

BeFM, Busan Inside Out Busan
* “Teach North Korean Refugees,” 2016-10-13.
* “What is TNKR?” Guest, 2016-03-02.

Joongang Daily podcast
* “A Son’s Fight,” 2016-10-06. (Podcast)

KBS World Radio
* 영어를 배우려는 탈북민들과 영어를 사용하는 원어민을 연결해주고 있는 TNKR, 2016-01-14. “Tutoring Program Teaches English to N. K. Defectors.” Broadcast in German, French, English,

BBC Radio 2
* “Jeremy Vine Show,” Guest, 2014-04-21. (BBC Radio)

Ask Ajumma
* “Introducing TNKR,” 2015-10-13.

Carolina Journal
* Radio Interview, 2015-07-07. (from 27 minutes)

CBC Radio
* “TNKR,” Guest, 2015-02-01.

* “Casey Lartigue update,” Plan B Lifestyles Radio Show, 2013-04-17.

4) Documentaries

* “North Korea: the place that doesn’t exist” (full version), 2016-10-17.

A North Korean Documentary
* “North Korean testimonies, Bonus II, Teaching english to refugees program (420p),” 2015-01-22.

International Students documentary
* “Beyond Love,” 2016-06-28.

Finland documentary
* “Learning about North Korea,” 2015-12-03.

Hong Kong documentary recording
* “TNKR,” Guest, 2014-09-03.

Hong Kong documentary recording
* 2014-03-02.

Swiss Documentary
* 2013-10-20.
5) Studies and White Papers

John Cussen, “On the Call to Dismiss North Korean Defectors’ Memoirs and on Their Dark American Alternative,” Korean Studies, Volume 40, University of Hawaii Press, September 26, 2016.

“Helping refugees find their own way and tell their own stories,” presented along with Eunkoo Lee and Cherie Yang at Korea University conference, Adult and Continuing Education (ACE), “Building Global Learning Community through Communication, Trust, and Networking,” 2015-05-30. (Presentation)

6) Books

Park, Yeonmi, In Order to Live, 2015, pp. 259 and 270.

7) Magazines and Journals

The Politic (Yale University)
* “The Second Escape: Human Rights Violations Reach Beyond the North Korean Border,” by Megan McQueen 2016-12-14.

뉴포커스 New Focus International
* “탈북민들이 가장 고마워하는 “TNKR,’” by 장진성, 2016-08-01.
“[Interview] Refugees say ‘Thank You’ to TNKR,” 2016-08-01.
* “이만갑 대표미녀 박예주 씨, ‘영어로 북한실상 알리겠습니다,’” 2014-07-26.

Catalyst Asia
* “The American Known in North Korea,” by Josh Schenkkan, 2015-06-01.

* “Interview with Casey Lartigue: The director and co-founder of TNKR,” 2015-07-24.

Korea Alberta Journal
* 에드몬톤에서 열린 “North Korean Voices,” 2015-06-28.

Vue Weekly
* “Stories of escape from North Korea” by Kristina Guzman. 2015-06-24. At Issu, page 7.

Groove Magazine
* “Defecting from North Korea’s Middle Class,” Anita McKay, 2015-04-17.

Future Korea
* “북에서 온 ‘슈퍼걸’ 박연미,” 2014-06-18.
* “제자 가르쳐 북한인권 세계에 알린다” by Joe Park, 2015-01-06.

2032 Magazine
* “꿈을 포획하라” (“Interview on Dreams,”) April 2013.
* “Liberty Society Emerges as a top global think tank,” March 2013.

Sunday Journal USA
* “Yeonmi Park 100 BBC women of the Year,” 2014-11-09.
* “미주한인사회의 대표 언론지,” 2014-11-07.

8) Blogs

Vice News
* North Korea, Where Watching a Soap Opera Is Apparently Punishable by Death, by Nathan A. Thompson, 2015-09-25.

On The Ground NGO
* “Teach North Korean Refugees,” Ida Knox, 2015-09-26.

Atlas Network
* “Dear Leader Author Commends Teach North Korean Refugees,” 2016-08-09.
* “Atlas Leadership Academy Grad Brings Life Skills to North Korean Refugees,” 2016-03-18.
* “Teach North Korean Refugees Featured on Voice of America Broadcast,” 2015-12-14.
* “North Korean defector chronicles escape, struggle to find freedom,” Brad Lips, 2015-10-14.
* “Freedom Speech Contest for North Korean defectors,” 2015-09-03.
* “International Student Conference Attracts 1,700 to Fight for Liberty,” 2015-02-20.
* “Freedom Factory says the everybody-does-it-attitude suffocates freedom in South Korea,” 2014-07-29.
* “Hope for North Korea,” Summer 2014, pp. 2 and 11.
* “The Hopes of North Korea’s ‘Black Market Generation,’” 2014-05-28.
* “The best way to effect change in North Korea,” 2014-04-15.

Atlas Network, joint events
* Frederick Douglass Memorial & Historical Association, “Frederick Douglass, Human Rights and N. Korea,” 2015-02-14. (Washington, DC)
* John Locke Foundation, “Coming out of North Korea to Freedom,” 2015-02-12. (North Carolina)
* Foundation for Government Accountability, “The North Korean Experience,” 2015-02-09. (Naples, Florida)
* “Promoting Freedom in Difficult Places: The Case of North Korea” at Atlas Network in Chicago, 2014-04-03. (Chicago, IL)
* “NYC Liberty Cafe: Promoting Freedom in Difficult Places, the Case of North Korea,” 2014-04-02. (New York, NY)
* “DC Liberty Cafe: Promoting Freedom in Difficult Places,” Atlas Network,” 2014-04-01. (Washington, DC)
* “A Loyal Son’s Lonely Crusade,“ by Donald Kirk, 2016-09-01.
* “The Ethics of Taking a Trip to North Korea as a Tourist,” Nathan Thompson, 2014-09-09.

Baylor University
* “Baylor Student Awarded 2016 Korean Honor Scholarship,” 09/01/16.

Korvia Consulting
* “Punching Through Culture Shock,” 2015-08-21.
* “How to Volunteer to Teach North Korean Refugees,” 2015-12-15.

Sky News
* “N Korean Crosses Heavily Mined DMZ To Defect,” Jen Kwon, 2015-06-15.

Happy Korea
* “캐나다서 탈북자 영어교육 지원 행사,” 2015-06-09.

The Star Democrat
* “Chenault attends Douglass forum,” 2015-03-05.

The Bastiat Society
* “My Escape from North Korea with Yeon-mi Park,” 2014-11-22.

NKHR Rescue Fund
* “A Night of Trivia for North Korean Refugees,” Eleanor Yoon, 2014-09-04.
* “North Korea: What’s it like to be a tourist in the country?” 2014-08-30.

Young Voices
* “Advocate Yeon-mi Hosting a New Television News Show” by Cathy Reisenwitz, 2014-08-07.

Liberty International
* “Why You Should Not Visit North Korea” by Joe Kent, 2014-08-05.

Unification Ministry
* “여러분들은 혹시 북한에서 온 박연미 씨를 알고계신가요?,” 2014-07-22.
* “북한아동인권 전시회 ‘꽃제비 날다’ 최경선, 2014-07-21.

Christian Daily
* “해외정보 접근하며 자본주으적 특성가져,” 2014-05-28.

* “주체는 죽고 마켓은 산다: 북한의 암시장 세대,” 2014-05-26.

* “The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible, A Free Market Odyssey,” Spring 2013.

Dakotas Christian Believers Arena
* Special Needs, c. 2013.

9) News Releases, Announcements, Newsletters

Deutscher Club Seoul (German Club Seoul)
* “My escape from North Korea on the way to freedom,” 2016-05-26.

* “Far From Heaven. The Unspeakable Lives of North Korean Refugees,” 2016-02-29. (Seoul, Korea)

Asia Liberty Forum
* “Freedom Champions in Asia: Reasons for Hope,” Speaker, 2015-01-09. (Kathmandu, Nepal)

Citizens Alliance for North Korean Human Rights
* “North Korea Today, featuring Casey and Yeonmi” live recording, 2014-08-11.

Grassroot Institute of Hawaii
* “The Liberty Movement in Asia” by Ken Schoolland, 2015-02-18.

Georgetown University
* ”THINK presents Yeonmi Park, North Korean Refugee,” 2014-11-16.