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2018-03-17 Matching 71: Recording breaking session!

Teach North Korean Refugees began as “English Matching” in March 2013. We didn’t have long term plans, but yesterday we held our 71st Language Matching session. We had 11 refugees and 19 tutors join the session, meaning we have now had 345 refugees and 744 volunteer tutors and coaches participate. This little “hobby” has grown […]

2018-03-17 A new record: 1:15 am!!!!

A special feature about TNKR Matching sessions is that refugees get to choose their tutors. The refugees do the choosing based on when they arrive at our office. In our early days, we hosted sessions at other offices, so we usually weren’t allowed in before noon for our 2 pm sessions. Then we moved to […]

2018-03-08 Challenge Korea Global Award

I am so proud to be the recipient of the Challenge Korea Global Award. Today I attended the Awards Ceremony, held at the South Korean National Assembly. It is quite an honor. There are about 50 million people in South Korea, about 2 million of them are non-Koreans. Out of all of those people, I […]

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TNKR English Speech Contest #7: My Little Big Heroes

Voice of America report about TNKR’s 7th English speech contest by Hyunjin Christine Kim [특파원 리포트] 탈북자 영어 말하기 대회…갈고 닦은 영어 실력 맘껏 발휘 by 김현진. (reposted by Korean Headline News)   North Korean defectors speak about ‘little big heroes’ By John Max Redmond The Korea Times 2018-02-26 Defector: Desperate North Korea sees South […]


Voices from the North: “Defectors speak out on Ivanka Trump calling off meeting with North Korea escapees”

Defectors speak out on Ivanka Trump calling off meeting with North Korea escapees Casey Lartigue Jr., co-founder of the Teach North Korean Refugees Global Education Center, compiled these statements from interviews with the refugees. Questions 1. What do you think about Vice President Pence meeting with North Korean refugees? 2. What do you think about […]