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2017-11-12 Reporters are noticing TNKR again…

TNKR doesn’t have a media list, we don’t reach out to media, and our communications “team” is made up of volunteers helping out in their free time. Despite that, media stumbles upon us sometimes and does stories. They don’t always mention TNKR in their stories and sometimes they just mention us in passing. As I […]

2017-11-10 “English is my forever homework”

Catching up on recent activities… Individual Education Plans When refugees join TNKR, Eunkoo Lee and I do our best to conduct interviews with them. This past week we had four new students visit the office. Every one of them says something inspirational to remind us why we are constantly trying to upgrade this humble little […]

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2017-10-10 TNKR’s British Invasion

TNKR held its second planning meeting for its trip to the UK next week. We had many tasks assigned and have a lot to do. Eventbrite invitation Video How this project began Support this initiative Our biggest challenge: Attracting attendees to our 10/21 forum. Here’s the agenda: 1:50- 2:05 Registration & tea time 2:05- 2:10 Welcoming […]