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2018-05-08 TNKR partnership with the Serpentem Scholarship Mission Foundation

On Tuesday May 8, the Teach North Korean Refugees Global Education Center (TNKR) and the Serpentem Scholarship Mission Foundation signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) that will provide scholarships for fifteen North Korean refugees studying in TNKR beginning next month. The partnership is aimed at providing support for North Korean refugees college students who may […]

2018-05 Three Day Weekend of Work

Monday May 7 is a holiday in South Korea. For most normal people, that meant many people went traveling over the weekend to take advantage of the three-day weekend. But for TNKR, a three-day weekend meant a weekend of work! Speech by an NK refugee 3 hour discussion with a group visiting from the USA. […]

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2018-05-03 Energy Center

Today’s big events and activities at TNKR: PARTNERSHIP: The big news today is that TNKR finalized the details of a partnership that we will be announcing on Tuesday during an MOU signing ceremony. This will be absolutely fantastic for refugees studying in TNKR. We are thankful that a South Korean organization that is much larger […]

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2018-05-02 TNKR Media

I continue to be amazed that TNKR gets so much media attention even though: We don’t have a media team or even anyone handling media relations. The American co-founder is a former reporter and communications specialist who is more likely to fight with rather than reach out to media. Despite those limitations, here we are […]

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2018-04-28 Matching session 74: I wanna choose first!!!

The non-profit organization Teach North Korean Refugees held its 74th Language Matching session yesterday. We had 11 North Korean refugees and 18 tutors participate (1 tutor canceled and another was a no-show). The session started at 2 pm–the first refugee to register for the session arrived at our office at 9:50 a.m. That’s right, slightly […]

Fundraising for TNKR

Thank you to the TNKR volunteers and fans who posted their fundraisers today! Erin Sylvester, Help Empower North Korean Refugees with Erin Jeffrey Villa, Help North Korean refugees learn English! Janice Kim, Help NK Refugee Moms Learn English for Free! Tony Docan-Morgan, I’ll Mail You Korean Stickers! Simon Thyer, TNKR Moving Again Marco John, North Korean […]

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Voices from the North 2018-04-15: Why do North Korean defectors learn English? (2)

Voices from the North 2018-04-15: Why do North Korean defectors learn English? (2) Q: Many North Korean refugees struggle to learn English. Many refugees who drop out of college cite English as a major reason. What was the moment you realized you needed to learn English to adjust to life in South Korea? Suhyeong, female, […]