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Media coverage of Hansarang Rural Cultural Foundation awards ceremony

Korea Economic Daily 한국경제 Economic Daily 매일경제 Future Korea 미래한국 Naewoe newspaper 내외일보 Jonnam News 전남인터넷신문 Joongdo News 중도일보 Agricultural and Nursing News 농수축산신문 Time Sisa 시사타임즈 E-Money News 이머니뉴스 Newstown 뉴스타운 Dong-A 동아일보 Asia Today 아시아 투데이 Acrofan Daily Magazine 데일리 매거진

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2017-03-25 “Hello, Konglish!” Hello, Jinhee Han!

The “steak” of Teach North Korean Refugees is our English tutoring project. The “sizzle” is when refugees in our public speaking project give public speeches. Yesterday, before a crowded room at Seoul KOTESOL, North Korean refugee Jinhee Han gave her first public speech in English. She was amazing, the crowd was really interested: She was […]