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2015-07-22 North Korean Defectors’ Concern (HK)

I have messaged with Owen Lau of 脫北者關注組 North Korean Defectors Concern for at least 2 years, but today was the first time for us to meet in person. He has a wonderful volunteer group based in Hong Kong. Despite lacking resources, his organization gets things done. NKDC will be hosting a film festival in […]

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2015-07-21 She spoke to me

I joined a TNKR class yesterday with a refugee who has gone from putting her head on her desk so she could avoid interacting with me to now initiating a conversation with me. One of the key main things we are hearing from refugees is that they gain confidence from talking with TNKR tutors 1 […]

2017-07-18 World-famous among refugees

We were visited today by four different NK refugees having feedback and orientation sessions with TNKR National Director Eunkoo Lee. One reason that TNKR is better than ever is that we have more staffers committing themselves to TNKR. And that starts with Eunkoo! She quit her paid job earlier this year to focus on TNKR. […]


2017-07-11 TNKR Hall at Bumyeong HS

When I moderate or host events featuring NK refugees, I try to limit myself to just a few minutes of setting the stage for the refugees to speak. I know that the audience is interested in hearing directly from refugees. So I usually pass the microphone. I spend so much time organizing events for refugees […]


TNKR in the UK

At the request of refugees in the United Kingdom, Teach North Korean Refugees will has initiated two projects. Connect refugees with volunteer tutors. The refugees are located in New Malden, so we are seeking tutors who can commit to going there or meeting them at location points convenient to New Malden, such as Waterloo, which […]