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TNKR at TEDx, 2018 December 8

On December 8 in Seoul, five women from four different countries delivered speeches at TEDxDongdaemunWomen. They were understandably nervous: They are all second or third language speakers of English. None of them are professional speakers, so this was a diversion from their daily lives. It was a beautiful scene. Numerous TNKR volunteers were on hand […]

2018-11-11 Social Media and Fundraising links

TNKR’s SOCIAL MEDIA, as of 2018-11-11 FUNDRAISING 184 fundraisers set up 9 set up by NK refugees SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS FACEBOOK Facebook group: 5,086 members Facebook page/ 2,786 likes North Korean–Information and Action 961 members Bring My Father Home 378 likes TNKR in Korean 185 members 북한이탈주민 글로벌 교육센터 (Teach North Korean Refugees Global Education […]

Hwang In-Cheol birthday party 2018

TNKR will be hosting a birthday for Hwang In-Cheol tonight! 1) Step by step photos from Noksapeong subway to the Hidden Cellar’s doorstep. 2) Video directions that Peter Daley made a few years ago for a different TNKR event. https://www.facebook.com/events/221572271541898/permalink/232612607104531/ We will be gathering at the Hidden Cellar for music, drinks, and a few speeches. […]