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2018-07-17 Third Level of Leadership

Leonard Read, founder of FEE (Foundation for Economic Education), talked about different levels of leadership. The 3rd Level is when people start to seek you out for your counsel. If people aren’t seeking you out, then you can draw your own conclusions about your range of influence. Although he was talking more about the spreading […]

2018-07-11 Carrying the TNKR flag

TNKR doesn’t have anyone in charge of media, neither traditional nor social. Despite that, we do get a lot of media attention and requests to participate in events. Monday I was interviewed for a newspaper that will post the article today and publish it tomorrow. I will be delivering the keynote address at a conference […]

TNKR Volunteer Leadership Academy

Want to help TNKR, but don’t want to teach? Then consider TNKR’s Volunteer Leadership Academy. It is a way to get involved with TNKR, developing leadership skills and adding some different to your resume/portfolio/career/experience abroad. We have numerous activities being organized by TNKR volunteers, friends of TNKR volunteers, musicians, even high school students from Jeju-do […]