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2017-03-16 Not everyone at McDonalds cooks hamburgers…

Something I hear very often: “Teach North Korean Refugees means that only teachers can volunteer at TNKR, right?” Another version: “But I’m not a teacher. Can I volunteer?” They are usually surprised to learn they can do things other than tutoring. As I often say in speeches: “Not everyone at KFC kills chickens. There are drivers, […]

2017-03-16 You Can’t Have Everything…

I love it when TNKR tutors and students study together at TNKR’s humble office. Tutors feel more connected to the program. Refugees are more likely to give us feedback when they see us more often. We have a better understanding of the needs of the students. Tutors are also more likely to share concerns as […]

2017-03-14 Lunch with the Freedom Rapper

As always, it was great to see Kim Chung-ho. He is one of those rare academics who is as interested in doing stuff as he is in analyzing. How many economics professors do you know who also like to rap? He founded the company Freedom Factory. After I joined, he allowed TNKR to incubate there. Even […]