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Cherie Yang’s TEDx Talk, translated into Finnish by Jasmin Fosse

Cherie Yang Minun vaikea tie vapauteen, perhe ja tulevaisuus   Kuvittele saavasi unelmiesi työ, mutta tajuat, että se onkin painajainen. Voisitte erota, eikö vain? Useimmat ihmiset antavat kahden viikon varoitusajan tai eivät vaan ilmesty töihin. Minun tapauksessani en voinut erota. Sen takia, koska synnyin Pohjois-Koreassa. Yritin erota ja sain 400 sotilasta ja poliisia perääni. Pohjois-Korea […]

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2018-01-06 In Search of a Forgotten Hostage (English version of French article)

January 6, 2018: Journalist Guillaume Piedboeuf just published this in-depth piece on Mr. Hwang and his campaign. A Google translation into English with some minor edits follows below. *** In South Korea, In-cheol Hwang is one of many protesters. Yet, his cause is very singular. His life-long efforts concern his father who was kidnapped in 1969 by […]

“You can’t save the world” Russian translation by Meruyert Didar

Вы не можете спасти мир – вот что мы можем сделать | Casey Lartigue Jr & Eunkoo Lee | TEDxDongdaemun Translated by Meruyert Didar  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yFaXvG-rSmQ&index=1&list=PL-6_xImxyTAJw3qeFJBXFv6fSCFEOb9eG Ын Гу: Я. Была. Неправа. Большинство людей не любят признавать, когда они ошибаются, но я не против, потому что в этом случае это показало мне красоту выбора. Прежде чем я объясню, […]

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2018-01-04 Anyone else spot a trend?

In the last two days at the TNKR office: * Open House with volunteers interested in joining TNKR * Interviews with nine refugees entering or rejoining TNKR. *  Two Refugee Adjustment Transition Sessions for refugees on TNKR’s Waiting List. *  Two interviews by major media Support TNKR (via PayPal) *** Listen to the refugees in […]


Eben’s Notes: “Will my tutors quit?”

The dedicated volunteer tutors for TNKR (Teach North Korean Refugees), have increased significantly in numbers and they are eager to teach North Korean refugees English. However, there have been concerns by some of the refugees who enter the Track 1 program of learning Basic English. At the basic Track 1 level, some of the refugees […]