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2018-02-04 “Bring My Father Home” Christmas video, Spanish translation by Rachel Kim

  Thanks to TNKR translator Rachel Kim for her Spanish translation of this video. Llevar mi padre a casa En el año 1969, se secuestró un vuelo coreano que estaba volando desde Gangeung hacia Seoul. En ese momento, el gobierno norcoreano devolví solo 39 pasajeros. Los 11 restantes nunca fueron devueltos. Sus familias han sufrido […]

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2018-02-03 TNKR in the LA Times

Los Angeles Times front page article: Koreas’ unified women’s hockey team has exposed a key difference between South and North — their language Some immigrants from the North — who risk their lives to leave — face difficulty and discrimination in the South because they lack vocabulary or use differing dialects and accents. Others struggle […]

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2018-01-25 from refugees to defectors

One of the worst things one of our volunteers said a few years ago when one of the refugees had another speaking opportunity: “Oh, I’ve already heard that refugee’s speech, so I won’t be missing anything.” She didn’t mean to be rude, I’m sure. It is mainly a misunderstanding about what we are trying to […]

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2018-01-20/21 TNKR Weekend: Track 2 Orientation, Track 1 Matching, Book Club

Saturday January 20 2 pm, Speech Contest Orientation 5 pm, Book Club Discussion 6:30 pm, Book Club Drawing It was the Tony Docan-Morgan Show, as he led both the speech contest orientation, then the Book Club discussion. And before that, he held two 1:1 feedback sessions with TNKR coaches already in the program. We are […]

Meruyert Didar making things happen!

There’s an old saying: Some people make things happen. Some people watch things happen. Some people ask, “Hey! What happened?”   Meruyert Didar is definitely in the “make things happen” group!  There are some people I have known for years who have been by-standers, just watching the ongoing show, “Will TNKR survive?”   Meruyert joined […]

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Dünyayı kurtaramazsın “You can’t save the world” TEDx Talk translated into Turkish by Меруерт Дидар (Meruyert Didar)

Dünyayı kurtaramazsın – işte yapabileceğimiz şey bu | Casey Lartigue Jr & Eunkoo Lee | TEDxDongdaemun  ““>You Can’t Save the World“ Eunkoo: Ben. Yanılmışım. Çoğu insan yanıldıklarını itiraf etmeyi sevmez, ama ben şahsen rahatsız olmadım çünkü bu durum bana seçimin güzelliğini gösterdi. Ne hakkında yanıldığımı açıklamadan önce, düşüncelerimi değiştiren birçok referanstan birini paylaşmak istiyorum. Son […]

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No se puede salvar el mundo, “You Can’t Save the World” TEDx Spanish translation by Rachel Kim

No se puede salvar el mundo—esto es lo que podemos hacer Casey Lartigue Jr. y Eunkoo Lee Eunkoo: Yo estaba equivocada. A la mayoría de la gente no le gusta admitir cuando están equivocados, pero a mí no me importaba porque en este caso, me mostró el futuro del escogimiento. Antes de que explique en […]