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+1 Volunteers

It is no secret that TNKR relies on volunteer tutors and coaches. But we also have plenty of volunteers helping in other ways. I encourage volunteers to be +1. In addition to tutoring or coaching, they can do one extra thing. Annie was a volunteer tutor with TNKR in early 2016. She has stayed in […]

From the “It takes a village” Track 2 file

How does a TNKR refugee end up on stage giving a speech? Step 1: Refugee applies for TNKR Step 2: TNKR co-directors Eunkoo Lee and Casey Lartigue interview the refugee about goals and desire for joining the program. Some students choose Track 1 (English study), some choose Track 2 (Public Speaking), some others do both […]


2017-10-08 Orientation 1 for new tutors

TNKR is currently recruiting tutors for its October 15 Language Matching session. Yesterday we had an orientation with six tutors who will be joining us for the Matching session on 10/15 from 2 pm at the TNKR office. We admit refugees to the Matching session based on the number of applicants who finish the application […]

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2017-10-01 Track 2 Matching session: Choice works, refugees are not passive

“North Korean refugees are passive.” “They must be paid to join NGO activities helping them.” “They are irresponsible and always late.” Those are some of the comments I have heard over the years from people at other NGOs, from influential people who hear about refugees from colleagues; and others with grant money to recruit NK […]


2017-09-29 Distinguished Global Lecture Series, “The American Known in North Korea”

I had a fantastic time yesterday, I was the speaker at the Distinguished Global Lecture Series at the Graduate School of International Studies Ewha Woman’s University. It was one of the most welcoming and active audiences that I have spoken to in quite some time. They listened patiently, interrupted me during my speech with questions, then […]


2017-09-27 Pre-Interview

I am amazed that media can find TNKR. We don’t have a communications team, we don’t have a main person connecting with media. We don’t have a media list. I can’t remember the last time that we tried to connect with media. Somehow, despite all of our activities, media finds us sometimes. And then, despite […]

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2017-09-23 Volunteer Training Workshop, Day 2

Volunteer Training Workshop, Day 2: Lecture 1: NK Education System by Jinhee Han, former English teacher in North Korea Group Discussion with NK Refugee Students (College) Lecture II: Roles and Profess ledionalism in Volunteering with NK Refugees by TNKR co-founders Casey Lartigue and Eunkoo Lee Group Discussion led by TNKR Senior Fellow Tony Docan-Morgan Support […]

2017-09-22 Volunteer Training Workshop, Day 1

2017-09-22 Volunteer Training Workshop, Day 1 Lecture 1: “North Korean Refugee Resettlement System” by Ye-eun Song, Social worker, Seoul Southern Hana Center Lecture 2: “Recent NK Situation and Escape Routes,” Young-seok Lee, NAUH (Now Action & Unity for NK Human Rights) 2017-09-23 Volunteer Training Workshop, Day 2 Lecture 3: “North Korean Education System” Jinhee Han, […]