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2019-02-09 Can we fill the room?

Earlier today TNKR held its first International Volunteer Leadership Academy General Meeting. This special TNKR project will give volunteers the opportunity to develop their skills while they help build TNKR internal capacity in terms of structure, know-how and finances. The Academy’s first project is to work together on TNKR’s 9th English Speech Contest, to be […]

2019-01-20 Matching 86, “All of you are the best”

Teach North Korean Refugees (TNKR) began in 2013 as a hobby for Casey Lartigue and Eunkoo Lee. In July 2016, TNKR became an official organization. Yesterday TNKR held its 86th Language Matching session. Almost 400 North Korean refugees have now chosen and studied with about 850 volunteer tutors and coaches. In our early days, when […]

2019 TNKR Student Club at APIS

Students from the TNKR Student Club at the Asia Pacific International School recently visited the TNKR office. They will be holding activities raising awareness, fundraising, and also volunteering in a special TNKR project. To get things done, there often needs to be at least one person to make something happen. Even when there is a […]

2019-01-15 Refugees calling TNKR

On Tuesday I received a phone call from a North Korean refugee I don’t know. She doesn’t speak any English and was excited, exasperated, frustrated and excited all at the same time explaining to me in Korean that she wants to study English in TNKR. Yes, that was on my personal cell phone. Eunkoo received […]

2019 January TNKR Fans and Visitors

TNKR is a small little non-profit NGO located in Seoul. We rely on executive staff getting paid minimum wage to lead the organization. We don’t have a sexy mission pretending to save the world. Volunteers who can leave at any moment if they find a new hobby, have a change in their lives, or get […]

2019-01-13 Planning: 50th anniversary of YS-11 hijacking

Most people love marking anniversaries. 1st, 5th, 10th, 20th, 25th and 50th anniversaries are special. There are even celebrations of 1 month or 100 days. However, when you are engaged in a social cause with someone missing or abducted, then anniversary dates aren’t real celebrations. In the case of Hwang In-Cheol, this year marks the […]

2019-01-06 Volunteer Leadership Academy

Early last year I announced that TNKR was starting the Volunteer Leadership Academy. The goal was to organize volunteers who come to TNKR into project teams who would work together. I mentioned this a few times, and also said, hint hint, that we needed someone who could lead up the project A few months ago, […]