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2016-12-17 Hold Hands LOVE concert

The entertainers and organizers of TNKR’s Christmas party were all fantastic. It was a moving night seeing the entertainers perform at a charity concert. Different entertainers stood out for different reasons. One that really touched me is Bae Boum-jun. He has a learning disability, but that hasn’t stopped him from mastering the cello. At one […]


2016-12-20 TNKR’s One Man Phonathon

Thanks to TNKR special ambassador Ken Eom for visiting the TNKR office to make phone calls to some of our loyal supporters. He is finishing up his first semester at Korea University, so he is under a lot of stress at the moment. I could see that he was inspired by the supporters being so happy […]

2016-12-15 Eunkoo’s fundraising campaign

(TNKR) Teach North Korean Refugees Crowd-sourcing Manager Briana Reha-Klenske is suddenly getting busy! * Eunkoo Lee has set up an online fundraiser, raising $160 in the first 24 hours! *Two other tutors have expressed interest in doing so. * According to a conference call I was on a few days ago, about 31 percent of […]