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2016-11-21 Help is on the way!

TNKR held its 51st Language Matching session this past Saturday. We have had more than 450 volunteer tutors participate in the program. In addition to tutoring, some have also helped in other ways with marketing, social media, fundraising, administrative tasks. We have had many great groups of tutors–but it seems this course will be something […]


2016-11-22 Korea Times Roundtable discussion

I participated in an extremely lively Korea Times Roundtable discussion today. That’s what happens when you put writers and journalists together–everyone was interrupting each other. There were many thoughtful comments and analysis, despite the many interruptions. Participants: Michael Breen Donald Kirk Oh Young-Jin Casey Lartigue Updated: Here’s my latest column from a Korea Times Roundtable […]

2016-11-21 Her name is Eunhee Park!!!

Eunhee Park, a member of TNKR’s Refugee Leadership Team, visited the office today to chat. What a great conversation! I am always inspired by her passion for life and joy of freedom. She is still the only refugee in TNKR history to go from Track 1 only (for English study) to Track 2 (public speaking). […]

2016-11-21 TNKR Special Ambassador

Cherie Yang, the super special Special Ambassador of TNKR, was a featured guest on a Korean televison show. Here she is, talking about adjusting to living in the USA. This morning, I studied the clip along with my volunteer Korean tutor, Yun Ji Young!

2016-11-18 TNKR Success Story

One of the refugees who joined Teach North Korean Refugees shortly after she arrived in South Korea returned to TNKR to get prepared for tomorrow’s orientation. She has joined TNKR about four or five times in the last two years. Compared to two years ago: * She is extremely focused on why and how she […]

TNKR checklist

* Folk music? Yes! http://tiny.cc/tbxvgy(Lindy Vopnfjörð) * Rap music? Yes! http://tiny.cc/lgxvgy * Refugee testimonial? Yes! http://tiny.cc/xgxvgy (Praise JU) * South Korean testimonial? Yes! http://tiny.cc/khxvgy(@Amy Kim) * Links to donate? Yes http://tiny.cc/sqxvgy (Network for Good) and Yes! http://tiny.cc/7qxvgy(Atlas Network) (designate it to TNKR) * TV special? Yes! http://tiny.cc/bayvgy (can send special by request) * Film Festivals […]