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2015-07-22 North Korean Defectors’ Concern (HK)

I have messaged with Owen Lau of 脫北者關注組 North Korean Defectors Concern for at least 2 years, but today was the first time for us to meet in person. He has a wonderful volunteer group based in Hong Kong. Despite lacking resources, his organization gets things done. NKDC will be hosting a film festival in […]

2015-07-22 TNKR is “Very Special”

One of the refugees studying in Teach North Korean Refugees dropped by our office today to chat. She has studied in a number of programs, she wanted to let us know that this has been the most effective of all for her. The main reason is the individualized attention she receives from tutors. In particular, she appreciates […]

2015-07-21 Catching up with Kimmy

Hard to believe that I have known Hooyeon Kimmy for five years. We met shortly after I first returned to South Korea. She was then a reporter on the Ewha Voice, she invited me to give a speech to the reporters. Now she is working as a professional journalist with a bright future ahead of […]