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2017-02-14 North Korea is still breaking hearts

North Korea has been breaking hearts and families for decades. The Hwang Won family has been waiting since 1969 for him to be returned from North Korea. He had the misfortune to be one of the 50 people on Korean Air flight YS-11 on December 11, 1969. After international protests, 39 of the 50 passengers […]

2017-02-12 Eunkoo at the Bat!

For Eunkoo Lee’s birthday, I bought her a baseball glove, bat, and two baseballs. Before you judge me, listen up! Before TNKR interrupted Eunkoo’s life in 2013, she spent her weekends sleeping and during baseball season following the scores. It took me some time to realize that she was really checking baseball scores and actually […]

2017-02-12 Speech at camp (Seongdo)

I’m in Seongdo this afternoon giving a speech at a leadership camp. The teacher in charge had them do research about me in advance, so the students were already familiar with TNKR! About 30 middle school students know TNKR. The best question: What’s my ultimate goal with TNKR?

2017-02-09 Future Award Winner?

I found out yesterday that I have a great chance to win an award given by a South Korean foundation. There are only two candidates left in the competition–I’m one of them.  It would not be the first time I have won an award. It would be special because this organization has nothing to do with […]