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2017-07-26 “Happy Virus” Reporters

Long discussion with two different lovely reporters! They are both great listeners, which is good because they were meeting with a talker. It is amazing that TNKR receives any media coverage when it doesn’t have a media manager. Helped a refugee get prepared to give a speech. Facebook took down my page the page it […]

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2015-07-21 She spoke to me

I joined a TNKR class yesterday with a refugee who has gone from putting her head on her desk so she could avoid interacting with me to now initiating a conversation with me. One of the key main things we are hearing from refugees is that they gain confidence from talking with TNKR tutors 1 […]

2017-07-18 World-famous among refugees

We were visited today by four different NK refugees having feedback and orientation sessions with TNKR National Director Eunkoo Lee. One reason that TNKR is better than ever is that we have more staffers committing themselves to TNKR. And that starts with Eunkoo! She quit her paid job earlier this year to focus on TNKR. […]