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Kaylin D. Womack blog post: “Thankful for TNKR”

I was fortunate enough to attend a local KOTESOL chapter fall event in Daejeon and hear a message from Eunkoo Lee and Casey Latrigue, co-founders of the Teach North Korean Refugees (TNKR) organization. TNKR is a life-changing program that raises money and helps North Koreans, who are able to escape the country, adjust to life […]

2018-01-20 Dream Team

Running a start-up organization can be tough. Maintaining what you have done, maintaining quality control while creating growth opportunities, trying to build for the future, paying the bills, raising money, handling all of the problems that come up, having to answer the many questions from volunteers and students, writing up emails that you know will […]

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2018-01-10 VOA report about TNKR, in English and Korean

S. KOREAN NON-PROFIT PROVIDING “FREE ENGLISH LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES FOR N. KOREAN REFUGEES,” AWAITS 501C(3) STATUS IN THE U.S. A Seoul-based non-profit providing free English learning opportunities for North Korean refugees is gaining a lot of attention. Founded in 2013, the Teach North Korean Refugees Global Education Center (TNKR) has provided its services to over 320 […]


English Speech Contest #7

Teach North Korean Refugees will be holding its 7th English speech contest on February 24, 2018 from 2 pm at the Kim and Shin law firm near Myeongdong station (line 4). 7 North Korean refugees have been selected to give speeches in English. Each speaker will have up to 10 minutes, addressing the theme, “My […]

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2018-01-13 What a Beautiful Night: TNKR fundraiser by Sandra and Amanda

One of TNKR’s underlying goals is to build a community of support around North Korean refugees. We do this by connecting them with volunteer tutors and coaches. What happens when a community rallies around TNKR? That’s what it felt like at the Hidden Cellar when TNKR fans Sandra Durinick and Amanda Sheffy hosted a fundraiser […]

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TNKR’s Million Won Fundraising Club

TNKR’s Million Won Fundraising Club Refugees Cherie Yang, Special Ambassador, “탈북민 영어교육프로그램 모금“ Sungju Lee, Ambassador, “Every Falling Star by Sungju Lee (autograph)“   Staff Casey Lartigue, TNKR co-founder and International Director, “Casey Lartigue’s Matching Donation Alert” “Casey Lartigue’s fundraiser for TNKR,” “KC’s 2017 Birthday Matching Grant,” Dave Fry, TNKR Assistant Director and tutor, “Help […]