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<서편탐장학재단 & TNKR 장학금 공지입니다>

서펌장학재단은 TNKR 학생들 중 영어성적이 향상되었거나, 전체 교과성적이 향상된 탈북 대학생들에게 장학금을 지급하고자 합니다. 지원대상자: 현재 TNKR에서 3개월 이상 영어공부하고 있는 학생 혹은 3개월이상 공부할 예정인 현재 재학중인 탈북 대학생 (*현재 휴학중이나 2018. 9월학기 복학예정대학생) (Eligible Students): The students who are studying TNKR for more than 3 month, or The students who will study TNKR […]

2018-05-31 Ban Ki-Moon speech to KAA

It was a great luncheon. Former UN Secretary General was the keynote speaker, the Acting Ambassador of the US Embassy offered Congratulatory Remarks, Renaissance man Park Jin was the man in charge. The topic of Mr. Ban’s speech was: “Recent Situation on the Korean Peninsula and the ROK-U.S. Alliance.”

2018-05 Roanoke College knows TNKR!

A few months ago, I received an email from a professor saying that she, a colleague and a few students wanted to interview me and do some volunteer work at TNKR. Of course, I immediately killed the idea of volunteer work, and of course expanded the interview beyond myself. What started as a 90 minute […]

2018-05-25 Jasmin and Samantha visit TNKR

Jasmin Fosse wrote on Facebook: On Tuesday May 22nd we went to visit the organization that I have volunteered for over a year now named TNKR (Teach North Korean Refugees)! It was so nice to finally meet all of the crew members in person! We had a long evening with a lot of deep conversations […]

2018-05-26 Michigan alumni know TNKR!

I am not, nor have I ever been, a student at the University of Michigan. I joined last night anyway and had a great time. Many of the attendees expressed interest in TNKR, and two who are musicians have agreed to perform at a charity benefit for TNKR. Stay tuned! Support TNKR! I’m not an […]