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2017-09-04 Are you Christians?

To get prepared for our Track 1 Matching session on September 17, we held small orientation sessions this past weekend. If you would like to join, apply here! One of the refugees wanted to know if TNKR is a Christian organization. We explained that we are a non-religious, non-political organization. She wasn’t satisfied by our […]

2017-08-31 TEDx prep

TNKR Senior Fellow Tony Docan-Morgan and Assistant Director Dave Fry stopped by today to help TNKR co-directors Eunkoo Lee and Casey Lartigue get prepared for their TEDx Talks next week. That begs the question: Can you teach an old dog new tricks? In one corner, Professor Docan-Morgan has been teaching public speaking and communication for 15 years, […]

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2017-08-26 TNKR’s 6th English Speech Contest, “A Woman is a Flower: The Lives of North Korean Women.”

So many great stories, wonderful people, fantastic feelings at yesterday’s 6th TNKR English speech contest. The theme of the contest: “A Woman is a Flower: The Lives of North Korean Women.” Support TNKR Random moments and observations from the contest:

TNKR Speech Contest 6 Guide for Attendees

Thank you so much for your RSVP to TNKR’s 6th English speech contest. Please join us in helping the speakers to feel comfortable, it isn’t easy for some of them to speak out publicly about sensitive topics. Because of some recent activity by the North Korean regime both targeting and inviting North Korean refugees to […]

2017-08-24 Tutoring, featuring Youngmin Kwon!

In baseball, a utility man is a player can usually play several positions, always ready to step in when necessary. That’s the case of Youngmin Kwon​! This week he has been tutoring North Korean refugees at our office, translated several things, and tomorrow he will be the Floor Manager at TNKR’s 6th English speech contest! […]