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2017-01-07 She feels our pain (from Germany)

She is co-director of an organization in Germany helping young immigrants (mainly from Africa and the Middle East) adjust to living there. She is South Korean, she saw the tvN special about us, and says she was so touched by it. She started crying as she talked about what we are doing and the struggles […]

2017-01-05 model TNKR volunteer, Renee Cummins

I had a great conversation with TNKR sponsor Renee Cummins. She was a volunteer tutor with TNKR back in 2014 when we were just getting organized. She returned to us last year, holding an incredible Fireworks and Jazz fundraiser for TNKR with hubby David and ably assisted by TNKR board member Karin Hanna  That fundraiser […]


2017-01-04 Key Moments

TNKR started in March 2013 as “English Matching.” We didn’t have a long term plan, there were virtually no guidelines, we had no office, website, phone. A key moment is when we began to raise the level of expectations. Tutors began to take it more seriously and refugees began referring friends and they began returning. […]

2017-01-02 TNKR’s Worst Volunteer in History!

A sister and nephew of TNKR co-founder Eunkoo Lee came to visit. Her nephew showed up eager to get involved! But he also quickly showed what is wrong with nepotism. Immediately, he started working on our future plans. But instead of helping, he completely destroyed everything we had planned, then scribbled in his own activities.