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2016-11-26 Launching new projects

Teach North Korean Refugees Global Education Center is starting a new video project. Contact me if you have video editing skills, camera, podcasts or other skills that could help with launching a video project. starting a discussion group project. TNKR tutors, contact me if you would like to lead discussion groups with refugee learners. accepting requests […]

2016-11-23 TV executive visits TNKR

TNKR has gotten a lot of media in the last year. Check it out here! Today we were visited by a TV executive who wanted to learn more about TNKR. We are definitely not a sexy organization, we avoid socializing or big splashy events with more style than substance. We stay out of politics, pretty […]

2016-11-23 Meeting with “Little Big Heroes” fan

Had a good, fun and serious meeting with a young lady who has been following TNKR activities, but learned more deeply about us from the tvN special. We have been in contact since then, today was our first chance to finally meet. I know people say that South Koreans don’t care, but I meet so […]


What Should We Do?

Random Thoughts Several refugees have called our office and directly to my phone within the last few days, asking how they can join TNKR. Yes, they’ve called. And yes, called directly to my personal phone. I don’t welcome these calls because I must give them the bad news that we have a long waiting list. […]

#BringMyFatherHome (Thailand speech)

Hwang In-Cheol joined TNKR earlier this year, with one goal in mind: To be able to share with the world the story of what happened to his father. In 1969, his father was kidnapped to North Korea when a North Korean agent hijacked a South Korean airplane. When he isn’t working or taking care of […]

2016-11-22 Thanks to Jessica Bok

Jessica Bok has moved back to the USA, but she hasn’t forgotten about TNKR! She was a tutor with us earlier this year, she just made a donation to us, and sent a lovely and encouraging message! It can be difficult starting a non-profit organization in a foreign country, we have struggled with many things […]

2016-11-21 Help is on the way!

TNKR held its 51st Language Matching session this past Saturday. We have had more than 450 volunteer tutors participate in the program. In addition to tutoring, some have also helped in other ways with marketing, social media, fundraising, administrative tasks. We have had many great groups of tutors–but it seems this course will be something […]