What a morning!

I was Santa for 120 kids at a school in Seoul. Yes, I would do it again!

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Santacon Seoul celebrated its 10th anniversary with about 100 young people in Santa costumes or ugly sweaters marching in Sinchon and Hongdae on December 16, 2018.

The fun and revelry was also for a good cause, as the holiday partiers raised almost 500,000 won for Teach North Korean Refugees! 5,000 won of the ticket price was donated to TNKR for the second consecutive year.

Seoul Pub Crawl has been co-hosting Santa Pub Crawl since 2014.
The party starts at a pub, then crawling around Sinchon and Hongdae in search of fun. People from all around the world sang carols all night wherever they went.

This year marks Santacon Seoul’s 10th anniversary and Seoul Pub Crawl has been co-hosting Santa Pub Crawl since 2014.

On December 8 in Seoul, five women from four different countries delivered speeches at TEDxDongdaemunWomen. They were understandably nervous: They are all second or third language speakers of English. None of them are professional speakers, so this was a diversion from their daily lives.

  • It was a beautiful scene. Numerous TNKR volunteers were on hand to support a TNKR student giving her first TEDx speech.
  • TNKR collaborating with a TEDx organizer to put together an event.
  • The TNKR co-founder being asked to be the MC of a TEDx event.

So how did it all come together?

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TNKR hosted a Book Club discussion with NK refugee author and poet Hyeon-A Ji on December 9 at the TNKR office. Our office was full with an audience of people from around the world.

The English version of her book “Million Miles to Freedom” is scheduled to be released in 2019.

Youngmin Kwon was the interpreter for the night

Speech and discussion

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Thanks to Facebook memories, I come across posts from the early days when TNKR was barely surviving as an organization. One of the notifications today was from four years ago when I was offered a fantastic job that would have had me on easy street. In contrast, TNKR then looked like a dead end road […]

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