I used to say, “Today was a special day,” but these days, it seems that every day is special. Super special North Korean refugee Eunhee Park had class with one of her tutors. Then we talked about TNKR’s upcoming activities and ways that she can be more involved.

When we told her about our new fundraising site, she immediately set one up. She is a thoughtful lady. We can be talking about something really simple, then she will suddenly say something profound.

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I had a great time this morning on Arirang radio’s “Good Morning Seoul.”

A few random notes and observations:

* It was extra special because it was Park Eunhee’s first radio interview–and it was in English! So she was really nervous. Even after the interview was over, she was still nervous.

* I can say with completely confidence I will never give a live interview in Korean. I won’t even bother putting it on a bucket list.


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TNKR Refugee Leadership Council Member 박은희 and TNKR co-founder Casey Lartigue Jr. will be featured guests on Arirang Radio‘s “Good Morning Seoul” show tomorrow morning from 8:30 a.m. Eunhee should be speaking in English, so be sure to cheer her on, I think this would be her first radio interview in English.
(This is the world of radio, so we should be on as long as the South Korean president doesn’t resign or get impeached in the morning.)




Yesterday I didn’t leave the TNKR office after I arrived. We had several meetings and many things to do. The Christmas season is coming, but we have several events planned.


Late night meeting with an international freelance reporter and photographer about a possible newspaper article.

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