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2017-03-24 Be Nice to Your Favorite NGO

Meeting #1: South Korean professional visiting from Hong Kong. He wanted to find ways he could help from Hong Kong.

Meeting #2: Feedback session with a North Korean refugee who arrived in South Korea in December 2015 and joined our program December 2016 after waiting for a few months.

I imagine that some of my peers who are involved in advocacy, abstract or analytical work about North Korea rarely or never have NK refugees seeking them out to thank them. Some of their work may be valuable, but it isn’t the type of work that leads to the people who benefit from what they are doing to praise them.

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2017-01-07 She feels our pain (from Germany)

She is co-director of an organization in Germany helping young immigrants (mainly from Africa and the Middle East) adjust to living there. She is South Korean, she saw the tvN special about us, and says she was so touched by it.

She started crying as she talked about what we are doing and the struggles that her own organization is having. She said she got some good ideas about her own organization after getting advice from us.

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