2018-03-18 Voices from the North: “Why do North Korean defectors learn English?”

Voices from the North: “Why do North Korean defectors learn English?


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TNKR English Speech Contest #7: My Little Big Heroes

[특파원 리포트] 탈북자 영어 말하기 대회…갈고 닦은 영어 실력 맘껏 발휘 by 김현진.
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By John Max Redmond
The Korea Times
Elizabeth Shim
United Press International
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2018-02-04 “Defectors speak on freezing reality of North Korea’s winter” blog post

“Defectors speak on freezing reality of North Korea’s winter”


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2017-12-27 Eben’s Notes: “Lack of donations”

I remember back when I was a high school student that many lazy students would read Cliff’s Notes based on books rather than reading the original books. Of course, I was never one of those students, I would read the original texts.

But I feel like being a lazy reader because of Eben Appleton. Sometimes I feel like reading Eben’s Notes rather than my own Korea Times column. She reads my columns, then will write a summary on Facebook. I don’t know how many people read my column, but I can be sure that at least two people do so–Eben and the opinion page editor of the Korea Times. And sometimes I’m not so sure about my editor!

You can read her latest summary, and/or if you have time, you can read the original column. You decide: Eben’s Notes or Casey’s Column. 🙂

And here is Eben’s fundraiser for TNKR.



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2017-03-18/19 Active, not busy

A bit earlier, a friend I haven’t seen since September asked me if I’m still busy. I said: “I’m not busy. I’m active!” That means that I’m doing many things, meeting many people. But I can always squeeze fun into my schedule, no matter how busy I may look to some people.


TNKR’s upcoming schedule.

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2017-03-07 Korea Times Roundtable: Trump vs. Kim

The Korea Times roundtable invited Korea Times columnists with many years of journalistic experience and Park Jin, former lawmaker and experienced hand in foreign affairs, to take the pulse of the rising tension on the Korean Peninsula.

Thanks to Youngmin Kwon for scanning these articles.

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2017-02-28 Don’t Even Think About… Taking My Photo

TNKR volunteer tutor Arrooj Nawaz was teaching her student the phrase “Don’t even think about…”

As usual, they showed the enthusiasm of military draftees when I said it was photo time. So I taught the student the phrase: “Don’t even think about taking my photo.” I think such ‘Live English” helps students remember key phrases. 🙂

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2017-02-26 On the 7th Day, TNKR still didn’t rest

We had an incredible speech contest yesterday! We should have taken the day off, but instead, we were back at the office today.

  1. Training session for the new TNKR curriculum
  2. Tutoring session
  3. Feedback sessions with refugees
  4. Storytelling by Michael Breen as part of the TNKR-Korea Times discussion.
  5. Nuclear-fire chicken fundraiser for TNKR!

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2017-02-23 Korea Times discussion

I had a great time at a Korea Times Roundtable discussion. I had planned on skipping it because it was a high-level policy discussion. But my boss, Oh Young-jin, Chief Editorial Writer at the Korea Times, gave me an offer I couldn’t refuse. I also didn’t plan on writing a column based on the discussion, but other columnists, especially Michael Breen and Don Kirk, encouraged me to do so.


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2017-01-22 “Time and a Dime” discussion (hongdae)

I led a discussion about my recent Korea Times column, “Time and a dime.” We had a great turnout, the largest I have seen at this particular discussion group.

There’s an old saying: After being in China for a week, you are ready to write a book. After being in China for six months, you think about writing an article for your hometown newspaper. After being in China for a year, you put your head down and mutter.

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