We would like to thank sponsor BSRabbit for donating a lot of winter and sportswear to TNKR’s 9th English speech contest, to be held on February 23 from 2 pm.

The owner of BSRabbit is Song Eun Sun. Her clothing line seems to be fusion between snowboarding and hip-hop street fashion.

Sone Eun Sun (center), founder of BSRabbit, with TNKR co-founders Casey Lartigue and Eunkoo Lee.

Special thanks to Edward Kyungjun Mun for making the connection!

We asked for just a few items when we met her on Tuesday to be given as raffle prizes.

Today we received two huge boxes of donations from her, items that are sold anywhere from 15,000 to 180,000 won!

Check here for to have an idea about their clothing options.


Here’s an article about her company.

BSRABBIT (bsrabbit.co.kr), a street style brand, is accelerating its customer reach to a global scale in response to requests of fans outside Korea. The brand’s one-of-a-kind designs are now available to English-speaking customers through its English website.
BSRABBIT’s collection carries a range of street style items and snowboard clothing. All 50 pieces of the collection are designed and made in Korea. This aligns with BSRABBIT’s brand identity that emphasizes Korean style and production in Korea.
In 2010, BSRABBIT emerged as a rising star in the e-shopping industry. Self-taught designer and BSRABBIT founder, CEO Song Eun-Sun, jumped into the street fashion world with just two clothing styles that she made herself.
CEO Song said, “At the time, all I had was my dream to show the world my own designs and about 4,400 USD(5 million KRW) for opening an online specialty mall.” She explained, “Starting from a young age, I studied fashion illustrations and scoured the sewing and printing production lines at clothing factories,” and added, “I have come a long way since then – BSRABBIT is now working with a factory seasoned in the trade.”
CEO Song initially targeted customers in their 20s. But today, demand is also rising among a wider age group spanning from customers in their teens to 30s. Such acceptance has allowed the brand’s sales to leap two-fold every year.

SONG EUN SUN | 송은선서울시 강남구 강남대로 128길 70, 1층
1F, 70, Gangnam-daero 128-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Tel : 070-8271-4697


[특파원 리포트] 탈북자 영어 말하기 대회…갈고 닦은 영어 실력 맘껏 발휘 by 김현진.
(reposted by Korean Headline News)
By John Max Redmond
The Korea Times
Elizabeth Shim
United Press International
Join the Teach North Korean Refugees Book Club


Teach North Korean Refugees will be holding its 7th English speech contest on February 24, 2018 from 2 pm at the Kim and Shin law firm near Myeongdong station (line 4).

7 North Korean refugees have been selected to give speeches in English.

Each speaker will have up to 10 minutes, addressing the theme, “My ‘Little Big’ Heroes.” Refugees applied for the contest by submitting short videos explaining their speeches. They are planning to discuss their ‘little big heroes’ they knew in North Korea, or met while they were escaping through or living in China, or special people they have met as they settled down in South Korea or other countries.

The speeches are moving and promise to open your eyes up to the struggles, experiences and challenges facing North Korean refugees. You will see even small support from people from around the world can encourage them as they make their way in the world outside of North Korea.

To join this uplifting event, see the payment details below:


Payment option 1: Eventbrite

Volunteers, donors and fundraisers: $10, bring one friend for free.

General admission: $15


Payment option 2: Bank transfer

Volunteers, donors and fundraisers: 10,000 won, bring one friend for free.

General admission: 15,000 won

-Bank account: (Woori Bank) 1005-802-774890

-Name on account: 티엔케이알(TNKR)

Email CJL@alumni.harvard.edu to have your RSVP confirmed


Payment option 3: PayPal 

Volunteers, donors and fundraisers: $12, bring one friend for free

General admission: $17 at Paypal https://www.paypal.me/loveTNKR


Support this contest by making a donation to our “Matching donation” opportunity.

Previous speech contest winners:

Contest 1, February 28, 2015: Sungju Lee, author of the memoir, “Every Falling Star.”

Contest 2, August 22, 2015: Sehyek Oh, North Korean refugee activist

Contest 3, February 27, 2016: Eunsun Kim, author of “A Thousand Miles to Freedom.”

Contest 4, August 20, 2016: Chulman Choi, entrepreneur

Contest 5, February 25, 2017: Cherie Yang, TV personality

Contest 6, August 26, 2017: Youngmi Park, college student

Contest 7, February 24, 2018: ?


Step by step directions:


(Myeongdong exit 4, walk straight about two minutes, State Tower (Namsan) will be on your left.

English map


Korean map



So many great stories, wonderful people, fantastic feelings at yesterday’s 6th TNKR English speech contest.

The theme of the contest: “A Woman is a Flower: The Lives of North Korean Women.”

Support TNKR

Random moments and observations from the contest:

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Today is the 67th anniversary of the Korean War starting. We marked the occasion at TNKR by holding two planning sessions to help TNKR become more effective at helping North Korean refugees.

  • At 2 pm, we held a Speech Coach orientation for coaches who will be helping refugees entering TNKR’s 6th English speech contest. Tomorrow I should be holding one or two more orientation sessions for applicants who couldn’t make it today. If they all get their applications completed then we can start matching them together.
  • At 3:30 pm, we held an Open House session to discuss ways for applicants to get more involved with TNKR. It was one of our most productive sessions. If just half of the participants follow through then you can expect some big changes within TNKR!

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Years ago a former supervisor of mine gave me a fantastic compliment. He told me that I was an energy center. He added: “Sometimes it is good, sometimes it is bad, but there is always SOMETHING going on around you. You seem to be a magnet.”

These days, that SOMETHING is Teach North Korean Refugees. We are attracting volunteers, donors, fans, media. It has gotten to the point that we have staff volunteers rotating shifts in the office because we don’t have enough space to accommodate them all at the same time. I am amazed that we get so much done with such a limited budget and office space.

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Something I hear very often: “Teach North Korean Refugees means that only teachers can volunteer at TNKR, right?” Another version: “But I’m not a teacher. Can I volunteer?” They are usually surprised to learn they can do things other than tutoring. As I often say in speeches: “Not everyone at KFC kills chickens. There are drivers, accountants, marketing specialists, salesmen, many other positions.”

Join us for TNKR’s Open House on April 1 to learn about many ways you can get involved.

Such as:

Tony is a professor in the USA teaching speech and communication. He has volunteered to analyze the speeches of refugees. He was at TNKR today for more than 7 hours, spending quite a bit of it analyzing the speeches from TNKR’s English speech contest. So much detail, I have already ordered him to avoid critiquing my speeches. As I told him: “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”

By the way, if you would like some nice Korean stickers, Tony will send them to you, if you donate at least 10,000 won to TNKR.

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탈북민들, 북한 탈출하게 된 사연 영어로 나눠

2017-02-27 : 19:21

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I’m pleased to announce that the next TNKR English speech contest will be held on August 26, 2017, from 2-5 pm. We had a meeting with our contact at the law firm of Shin and Kim. We discussed both the great and terrible things that happened at the most recent contest. We also had a visitor from the USA to talk shop and one study session at the office.

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