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2017-11-10 TNKR staff changes

I’ve heard from volunteers that one of the great things about volunteering with TNKR is that they can take up leadership roles, and they can do so in English.

Staff changes within the last week:

Janice Kim has taken over as Manager of Track 1. Eunkoo Lee and I have developed it over the years, making sure that it offered refugees a maximum amount of autonomy to make decisions while also making it as flexible as possible for volunteers. Janice has shown that she understands our approach and that she also ideas how to expand and implement this. She’s been a monthly donor to TNKR and organized our team at the recent KOTESOL conference. She will be speaking at tomorrow’s Open House.



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Atlas Network, “Making the Most of Freedom for North Korean Refugees” 탈북민에게 최대한의 자유를

탈북민에게 최대한의 자유를

2017년 5월 30일

TNKR 공동대표 이은구(좌), 케이시 라티그(우) ; 한사랑 농촌문화상 시상식

TNKR의 케이시 라티그는 아틀라스 리더십 아카데미 수료생이다. 그는 텍사스 출신의 흑인 하버드대학교 졸업생이자 자유주의자로서는 탈북민에게 그들의 이야기를 어떻게 전달해야 할지 가르치는데에 삶을 바친 유일한 사람일 것이다. 현재 한국에는 총 30,000명 가량의 탈북민들이 거주하고 있는데  라티그씨는 한국인 이은구씨와 함께 탈북민들이 새로운 환경에 적응하도록 돕기 위한  비영리단체인 TNKR(Teach North Korean Refugees)을 설립하였다.

라티그씨와 이은구씨는 영어를 배우는 일이 탈북민들에게 초기적응에 주요 어려움인것을 알고 공식적으로 2016년 북한이탈주민글로벌교육센터(TNKR Global Education Center)를 설립하였고 라티그씨는  탈북민에게 영어를 배우고 말하는 기회와 멘토링을 제공함으로 그들의 사회 통합에 기여한 점이 인정되어  한사랑 농촌 사회공헌 특별상을 수상하였다.

라티그씨는 “제가 한 번도 들어본 적 없는 단체에서 저를 수상후보로 지명했을 때에 영광으로 여겼고, 제가 최종 수상하게되었다는 것을 알게되었을 때에는 놀랐습니다”라며 “이 상을 600명에 이르는 자원봉사자들과 이 영광을 나누고 싶습니다. 그들은 정말 많은 시간을 내어 탈북민들이 새로운 사회에 적응하는데 도움을 주었습니다. 또한 TNKR의 많은 학생들은 공공연하게 주변친구들이나, 언론에 TNKR이 그들을 실제적으로 돕고 있다는것을 홍보하였고, 또한 자신의 이야기를 통해 자유를 알리고 싶은 주변 탈북민들에게 저희기관을 추천하기도 하였습니다. TNKR의 학생들이 없었다면 저희도 없었을 것입니다” 라고 수상소감을 밝혔다.

번역 노다해

감수 이은구



May 30, 2017

TNKR co-director Eunkoo Lee with Casey Lartigue at the Hansarang Rural Cultural Foundation Award ceremony.

Casey Lartigue Jr., Atlas Leadership Academy alumnus from Teach North Korean Refugees (TKNR), may be the only Harvard-educated black Texan libertarian who has dedicated his life to teaching North Korean refugees how to tell their stories. In 2013, Lartigue and South Korean Eunkoo Lee co-founded the nonprofit TKNR to help the 30,000 refugees living in South Korea integrate into their new environment.

Realizing that learning English is one of the primary barriers faced by North Korean refugees, Lartigue and Lee established the TNKR Global Education Center in 2016, for which Lartigue serves as international director. Lartigue was recently honored as a Hansarang Rural Cultural Foundation Award recipient for contributing to the social integration of North Korean refugees by providing free English learning, speaking, and mentorship opportunities.

“I was honored to be nominated by an organization that I had never heard of, then shocked when I learned that I had won,” said Lartigue. “This award has validated the hard work of the almost 600 volunteers who have given so much of their time to help North Korean refugees adjust to living outside of North Korea. It would not have been possible without the many students within TNKR praising us publicly in the media and recommending us to other refugees seeking ways to improve themselves and to tell stories of how they struggled to escape North Korea so they could live as free people.”

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2017-01-21 Speech Contest (German Newsletter)

Thanks to TNKR Board Member Karin Hanna for translating and having the flyer for the upcoming TNKR English speech contest included in the local German Club’s newsletter!

Reserve your tickets here!