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2016-11-26 Launching new projects

Teach North Korean Refugees Global Education Center is

  • starting a new video project. Contact me if you have video editing skills, camera, podcasts or other skills that could help with launching a video project.
  • starting a discussion group project. TNKR tutors, contact me if you would like to lead discussion groups with refugee learners.
  • accepting requests for NK refugees to speak to their organizations, groups, schools. Contact me if you would like to invite us.
  • launching a new website for a new project. Contact me if you would like to use your website making skills.

As usual, we are launching with no budget, without months of planning. Just do it! I have worked at companies and organizations, I often wondered why it took so long to get things done. I now realize, there were two main things: 1) money. 2) someone to be accountable if the project failed.

Contact me: CJL(@)post.harvard.edu or TNKR(@)teachnorthkoreanrefugees.org



I enjoy going to English language discussion group in Seoul. It gives me a chance to talk to South Korean professionals talking about the issues of the day. There are both introverts and extroverts in these days, but some of them like to hide from the camera, or sit in the back so it is not as easy to see them. 🙂


This team is off to a great start! Different personalities and style.

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